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“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.” - Bob Marley”


Okay, so I’ve realized many things while leaving 2013, and one of them is that I’m horrible at keeping up with blogging. I won’t go through my list of other things I’m hoping to change, because let’s face it, most of them won’t happen. Just like every other year. So this year I’m taking the high road of optimism and sticking to three things: workout & eat better, take more photos, and explore often. Here we go….

The best and saddest moment of this movie <3

The best and saddest moment of this movie <3

The Dr. Pepper Incident of 2009

Okay, so since I’ve decided to share some of the stories I like to tell my friends on here, I thought I would start out with a funny story:

Yes this event actually has a name in my family and it is called “the Dr. Pepper Incident of 2009” Not too long after moving into our nice new house, we decided to get some pop for our fridge in the basement. My family was bringing them downstairs and I began unloading them into the fridge. I opened the box of Dr. Pepper, grabbed a couple cans, and turned around to put them away. Suddenly, I hear a loud noise of cans falling. I turn around and the cans are rolling out the box, off the counter, and onto the floor. 

So yeah, my first reaction is like “shit, I’m dead” but it gets worse. The last can rolled out and off the counter before I could reach it. It hit the ground like a live grenade and started spinning quickly, spraying sticky, carbonated goo all over the place. It was on the floors. It was on the walls. It was on the counter. It was on the fridge. And I was frozen.

Yes, I did ended up getting in huge trouble, but now my family and I look back on it and have a good chuckle. And yes, now we know to always check the way the cans are standing before we open the box.

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